Operate and manage your end-to-end fuel retail environment with our innovative turnkey solution

Move your business forward and create a service station of the future using our industry-focused Fuel Retail Network solutions.

Reduce downtime and manage your retail site operations and costs with ease

Downtime due to operational lags and delays not only costs you in time but in money. Our integrated Fuel Retail Network solutions allow you to effectively manage your head office systems (HOS), back-office systems (BOS), forecourt, inventory and payment systems. This solution ensures that every aspect of your fuel retail site and convenience store is functioning optimally.
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Increase productivity and ROI

Enhance efficiency by using Intelligent Diagnostics and IoT monitoring solutions to optimise and automate processes. Improve productivity levels by ensuring there are no payment lags by effectively managing merchant-acquirers and mobile payments with ease. Strengthen ROI through customer loyalty programs aimed at rewarding customers for visiting your fuel site.

Seamless integration and scalability

The modular design of our Fuel Retail Network Solutions allows you to customise the services to your requirements and needs. These solutions have a quick implementation time and integrate into your business seamlessly.

Increases operational efficiency

Keep your business running efficiently by using our innovative Fuel Retail Network Services. Through these services gain access to innovative retail payment technologies that optimise operations and make the process of buying and selling products more efficient. Further impact operational effectiveness by implementing solutions aimed at optimising point of sale (POS) hardware and software for effective sales on the forecourt and c-store.

Support at the click of a button

Our service desk and skilled support team is only a click away and will be able to assist in resolving any issues or problems that may occur. This is done professionally, with ease and speed, ensuring that you can provide your customers with the excellent service that they deserve. This useful support function has proven to increase the overall customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

Industry experience and understanding is what sets Adapt IT Energy’s Fuel Retail solutions apart

Adapt IT has been providing various implementation, support and advisory expertise and services to Total for more than ten years. Adapt IT has walked the path with Total through several key engagements. This included the fuel retail software solution and deployment, onsite support and vendor management, professional and advisory services, strategy development and execution and training development and delivery. We have been satisfied with the Adapt IT team who have displayed a good understanding of the industry and our business requirements. I can confidently recommend Adapt IT as a reliable ICT partner

Jacqueline Spano

IT Country Shared Service Manager, Total South Africa

Products That Make This Possible


ARMS (Adapt IT Remote Management Systems) is an Operating-System agnostic automated support and maintenance solution which enables high availability and performance of IT Infrastructure and Applications for Fuel Marketers with large distributed networks.

Retail IT & Payment Advisory Services

Through a managed service, we provide talent acquisition capability and function, skilled and experienced sector and solutions-focused resourcing, to meet the skills demand and requirements for your business.


Retail-in-a-Box is a modular and turnkey retail solution supported by Adapt IT’s extensive Fuel Retail knowledge and Oil and Gas expertise. It provides an end-to-end service to manage the implementation, transition and support of your retail site

Knowledge Enablement powered by SAP Enable Now

Through SAP Enable Now, a comprehensive learning enablement solution, Adapt IT helps organisations build enterprise knowledge by creating, managing and delivering formal training, informal learning and employee performance support through an end-to-end workforce training suite.

Managed Support Services

This fully integrated Service Management Centre provides business, application and technical support services which are highly configurable and are based on your businesses requirement


Extract value and key insights from your assets and customers, drive innovation, improve operational efficiency and automate your maintenance and monitoring with Fuel Retail Network Services and Support
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