Improve supply chain visibility and business agility using digital Transport and Distribution solutions

Let your Supply Chain move you forward. Optimise your routing, scheduling, transport, logistics and distribution processes through automation and digitisation. Using our adaptive Transport and Distribution solutions gain better insight into operational processes. Facilitate proactive decision making, identify cost-saving opportunities, uncover levels of productivity and performance and an indication of customer satisfaction levels with these innovative solutions.

Reduce costs and increase profitability

Effectively manage and automate your supply chain planning, forecasting, routing and scheduling and fuel distribution. Gain insights and access to accurate and up to date real-time inventory information that can be shared with your customers and used to identify problems and address them proactively. This is important for Customer Managed Inventory (CMI) processes as well as assisting in reducing unnecessary operational costs and facilitating business flexibility and agility.


Build customer loyalty and satisfaction through reliability and performance

Supply chain optimisation is essential in creating customer satisfaction. By optimising Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) processes, you take the pressure off customers and take on the responsibility of ordering and the delivery of stock. Using our dynamic Transport and Distribution solutions, you can manage the process of replenishing customers’ stock efficiently, on time and before there is a stock out. This enhances service levels, performance and the overall customer experience.

Dynamic planning and forecasting solutions

Automate data-driven planning processes for consensus demand and supply forecasts, to support sales and operations, supply planning and inventory optimisation. This Digital Supply Chain solution provides predictive processes that help maximise efficiency and responsiveness in the supply chain.

Make proactive decisions based on advanced analytics

Analytics supports proactive decision making and allows you to predict, analyse, measure and compare performance related to inventory routing and scheduling, transportation, logistics and fuel distribution. Using the analytics provided by our Transportation and Distribution solutions, you can identify opportunities for cost reduction and increased productivity within your supply chain.

Access to support anywhere and at any time

As part of our Transportation and Distribution solutions, we provide 24-hour support 365 days a year through our Global Support Service Centre. Our qualified and multi-lingual support team is able to answer all your operational, application and infrastructure support needs at any time.

Engen South Africa optimises operations and enhances planning agility

Engen South Africa needed a solution that would optimise the process of fuel replenishing and routing. Their previous planning and scheduling system had reached its end of life and an upgraded system was needed. The solution selected was based on criteria related to industry success, experience and knowledge in the field of Vendor Managed Industry (VMI) and Customer Managed Inventory (CMI). ORTEC was implemented and resulted in several benefits for the business which included, improved planning agility and capability, increased customer satisfaction, time savings, lower greenhouse gas emissions with optimised routes and compliance with HSSE regulations.

Products That Make This Possible

ORTEC Product Suite

ORTEC Inventory Routing is a sophisticated and comprehensive Advanced Planning and Transport & Distribution Solution. It combines forecasting and planning optimisation with real-time execution and dispatch in a wide range of transport and distribution planning sectors.

SAP Digital Supply Chain

Run increasingly complex supply networks and achieve faster-than-fast responsiveness – with extended supply chain management software from SAP. Our solutions cover everything from Extended Warehouse Management to SAP Transportation Management and more.

Knowledge Enablement powered by SAP Enable Now

Through SAP Enable Now, a comprehensive learning enablement solution, Adapt IT helps organisations build enterprise knowledge by creating, managing and delivering formal training, informal learning and employee performance support through an end-to-end workforce training suite.

Supply Chain Advisory Services

Through a managed service, we provide talent acquisition capability and function, skilled and experienced sector and solutions-focused resourcing, to meet the skills demand and requirements for your business.

Managed Support Services

This fully integrated Service Management Centre provides business, application and technical support services which are highly configurable and are based on your businesses requirement


Facilitate proactive decision making, identify cost-saving opportunities, gain better insight and enhance your operational processes through our digital and automated advanced supply chain solutions.
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