Provide your workforce with the knowledge and training needed to do their job effectively using SAP Enable Now

Use our enablement and training software to manage every aspect of modern corporate learning, from rollout and performance support, change management, compliance, to soft skills training. Simplify the training process with this innovative learning platform and improve employee competence, confidence and increase productivity. Help your workforce develop the skills they need to master any software solution that you integrate into your business – with simplicity and speed.

Give your workforce the training needed to stay productive during business and technology changes

Change, especially new software adoption, can be challenging for employees to adapt to. Help your workforce master digital transformation through the use of our enablement and training solutions. Use this solution to ensure that the learning management process provides your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to do their job effectively.

Maximise workforce knowledge and productivity

Use our innovative enablement and training solution to create an end-to-end training strategy and facilitate knowledge management. Provide formal training in the classroom and further support this with an online learning platform. This platform acts as a knowledge portal for explorative learning where employees can find all the information needed at the click of a button. This platform can also detect the kind of content that the user is working with and deliver the relevant materials automatically. Give your workforce the support they need to finish tasks quickly and effectively.

Improve training success and usability

Ensure employee usability and training success through our enablement and training solution. This solution was designed to simplify the SAP user training process and maximise software adoption. Not only does this solution make use of an easy to access learning platform, but it has a Web assisted component that provides next-level support directly within SAP applications. Your employees can now learn in the normal flow of work and access information directly when they need it – improving productivity and knowledge retention.

Accelerate ROI

User experience management and training are essential components for increasing ROI. Use our learning platform to give your workforce the skills and knowledge needed to utilise your enterprise software correctly and to take full advantage of this business investment.

Reduce training and support costs

Our enablement and training solution allows you to give your employees the help and support they need when they need it, making the training process cost-effective and less time-consuming. This solution helps reduce your support costs. Employees no longer need to call a help desk, they can find answers to their questions at the click of a button, anytime and anywhere.

Products That Make This Possible

SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now is a commercial end-to-end suite, offering to collaboratively create, deliver, track & report learning content and user assistance content. It helps boost productivity and adoption while simultaneously lowering operational expenses across all processes and for all industries.


Ensure that your learning management process provides your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to do their job effectively with our enablement and training solutions.

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